What is the "e-modular"?

e-Modular is the revolutionary construction system independently developed by our firm which has attracted a great deal of attention as an effective temporary use of land.  e-Modular employs building methods where steel frame construction to form unit guest rooms including the floor, walls, and ceiling are completed from fittings to finishes in overseas factories, are shipped here by container, and assembled on-site. On-site construction periods are super-short, just over one month.  Since units are mass-produced in overseas factories with low costs, super-low costs unthinkable in the past have been achieved. Also, because this is modular construction, breakup and relocation are easily accomplished. Since we use domestic window sash, wallpaper, and carpeting, we have held costs down without sacrificing quality.

How can we succeed in our business with the "e-modular"?

ƒSystematizing Operations„
Our firm is organizing construction & sales dealerships which will promote hotel and other ventures into systematic operational status using e-Modular. In this system the nation will be divided into 8 areas, and dealers will be responsible for the complete package from customer development, operational proposals, and construction orders within their respective areas. Our group firms will fully support these efforts with hotel operations know-how and support for operations to make it easier for inexperienced customers to engage in these activities.

 ƒDetails of our Operations„
Area Dealers will be given complete freedom and responsibility for everything from customer development, operational proposals, construction work orders, licensing applications, actual construction, and after-care servicing. Primary Dealers will do nothing beyond the orders for construction work; their primary work will be in discovering new customers and drawing up operational proposals. Please participate in our plans based on what best matches your companyfs operational characteristics.

We want to be your dealer!!
What is a contract condition for becoming your dealer?

ƒDealership Contract Terms„

Contract period: One year renewable
Joint Guarantor requirements: 1 person required at contract time, one year renewable
Operational Targets: Periodic targets set forth at the time of contract
Reporting Requirements: Periodic reports on conditions are required
Sales Pricing: Determined by our firmfs standard formulas
Promotion in Rank or Standing: subject to a review of annual actual figures
Changes in Territorial Areas: contract renegotiated and adjusted upon consideration of competing firms
Presentation of our Business Image: to be directed along our firmfs lines of development
Other: A specified Operational Guarantee deposit must be paid at time of contract

Further details will be included in a separate memorandum drawn up and signed at the time of contract.

Q1: What Is ge]ModularhH A1: Steel frame construction to form unit guest rooms including the floor, walls, and ceiling are completed in factories, and site construction is assembly only.  The work is completed in an extremely short time.
Q2:What makes the super-low costs possible? A2: Labor costs, which are a large portion of construction costs, are greatly reduced by constructing the modules overseas.
Q3: Is this product made to foreign standards? A3: Our firm has independently designed and developed our product to meet Japanese domestic standards as set by law. In addition to our standard type units, we offer free choice in sizes and finishes, to meet your building use needs.
Q4: Can the units be used in areas with fire-prevention restrictions on building? A:4 Our construction is flame-resistant, and can be used in any area. 
Q5: What would the unit costs amount toH A5: It would vary with the particular specifications, land site conditions, currency exchange rates, and overall scale, but for a standard-type 3 story hotel of 50 rooms, you would be looking at an overall investment of 200 million yen.
Q6: How high can you build with this productH A6: The standard specifications are up to 3 stories, but beyond that is also possible.

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