See how far you can develop your potentialII
Our firm is a venure enterprise of 6 employees, but it has limitless possibilities.
Why not join us in moving toward a future that holds hopes and dreams?
At present we are still a small firm,
but we are targeting a stock market offering within the coming 5 years.

A messege to You from our President

Fumio Kajikawa
I see promise in the capabilities and potential of each and every individual. We welcome people who share our attitudes towards operation methods and have the strength to promote new ideas, even if they do not have experience in this industry. I hope that you, too, will try to utilize your limitless potential in the free work environment made possible by a very young firm such as ours, and not be tied to one type of management task alone.

Q1: What is the atmosphere inside the company like? MH Development is a young firm, going into its 4th year of existence: it is a venture business. The company is active and vigorous; even the younger employees assume responsibility for work, and every day is full of interest and stimulation. It is a workplace that gives a good sense of purpose, and our firm is just waiting for people who would like to test their own abilities.

Q2: What do you envision for the future?

We are promoting, and have gotten on track, our low-priced family oriented hotels, which enjoy a high 90% occupancy. Steady progress is seen in our plans for 200 such hotels for a total of 10,000 rooms nationwide within 5 years. We are also pursuing development of units for use in other types of facilities, such as group homes and other facilities for the elderly, taking full advantage of low costs as well as high quality.
Q3: Tell me what sort of person you are looking for.

1. A person with good communications skills, who gets along well with others.
2. An enthusiastic person, with drive.
3. A person who can develop along with the company
4. A person who has their own thoughts, and who can put their thoughts into action.
5. A person who shares the concepts held by our firm.
We want to work with people like theseI

Frequent Japanese ability(Speaking and Writing)
Ability to work both independently, with a team in a fast paced environment
Approximately 3-4 years experience
Strong PC knowledge particularly in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint
Attention to details, well organized and multi-task oriented
Good follow-up skills
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Effective communication skills

How to apply
If you are interested in working with us, please e-mail to this address :

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